Superman: Man of Tomorrow #4 review

Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy… Superman’s met a fair few muck monsters in his time, so you wouldn’t expect a new one to give him nightmares. And yet…

Clark has learned that all four attacks took place on land owned by one Albemarle Bryce, a tycoon with wealth to rival Lex Luthor. So it’s off to the countryside outside Metropolis, where Clark’s super senses show him something a non-Kryptonian newsman could never see.

You will have noticed that rumbling behind Clark – it’s time for run-in number five with the creature that haunts his dreams.

This is another cracking done-in-one from writer Robert Venditti, full of action, mystery and, best of all, lots of Lois and Clark banter. There’s proper journalism from Mr and Mrs Superman and not one, but two running gags that are a long way from outstaying their welcome. There’s even a pinch of poignancy as we learn the monster’s story.

The visual storytelling throughout is equally top notch. So far in this series Paul Pelletier has been required to draw typically Metropolitan science menaces and here shows he gives good monster too. Inker Drew Hennessy adds texture and colourist Adriano Lucas tone, while Clayton Cowles provides the lovely letters. My favourite panel in the book could be out of a Fifties EC horror, as Pelletier and pals make clear who the real monster is. As this issue came out only today, and is the first story in Superman: Man of Tomorrow that hasn’t previously appeared in a Walmart giant, a true DC Digital First – thanks to regular contributor Rob Staeger for that nugget – I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

Heck, this issue’s story is so up to the minute that editor Andrew Marino apparently doesn’t have the official cover art yet, so Pelletier’s brash splash is repurposed.

What will be in this comic next week? I don’t know, but based on the first month’s worth of issues, it’ll be very, very good.

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