Superman: Man of Tomorrow #3 review

Dan Mora produces the perfect cover for a self-contained gem

It’s no fun at Schott Toys any more. The workers are already disheartened because their boss went bonkers and became criminal crafter the Toyman and now Winslow Schott is aiming his ire at them. In the shape of dinosaurs.

Clark Kent smells a story and seeks out Lex Luthor, who recently bought Schott Toys. Lex stonewalls Clark.

Making his day yet more delightful, Clark is chewed out by editor Perry White for calling on Lex without his permission.

On the streets, Toyman amps up his attention seeking.

Lovely colours by Adriano Lucas, sharp lettering by Clayton Cowles

And later, he delivers a message to The Daily Planet.

Well, it’s only May but there’s my nomination for Coolest Lois Lane Moment of 2020… talk about Mrs Superman!

I’m also pretty sure that Dangerous Games will prove one of my favourite Superman stories. Once again writer Robert Venditti gives us a pitch-perfect Metropolis fable, full of good guys, vile villains and brilliant bystanders… my favourite solid citizen this time is the little girl above, so gorgeously brought to life by penciller Paul Pelletier and inker Drew Hennessy. Watch for how she helps Superman out as the saucers attack.

That action sequence includes an especially stunning Super-move, but it’s not the climactic battle, as the challenge of the Toyman only escalates. That Superman rises to the occasion isn’t a surprise, but the sheer fun of the fight choreographed by Venditti and Pelletier is; Toyman as funster has been tough to take since the Nineties, following his murder of Cat Grant’s little boy, but the side continuity of this series allows for a fresh start. The creative team gives us that in spades.

Previously I’ve said that 24pp for 99p is brilliant value, but a UK government tax cut on online reading a few days ago means DC Digital First books are now just 79p. It’s one more reason to smile at the bright, bombastic Superman: Man of Tomorrow #3.

3 thoughts on “Superman: Man of Tomorrow #3 review

  1. Toyman’s uncharacteristic child murder was at least three reboots ago. I consider it gone until some ill advised editor allows a hack writer to revive it…

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  2. Another fun issue! I love the running gag of what happens to Clark’s wardrobe. “I saved your jacket. You go save the day.”

    This is the first one of these I bought digitally, as opposed to reading in a Walmart Giant. (This one’s been published in Superman Giant 3, but I’m not ready to set foot in a Walmart for something as superfluous as a comic yet.) This week’s Superman: Man of Tomorrow 4 is now officially out ahead of the print publishing schedule. The other digital firsts will soon follow suit, although they have a bit more lead time, as a) most started publishing before Superman, as the previous volume of Superman Giant continued longer to wrap up the King/Kubert run, and 2) the other titles are running shorter lead stories and include 8-page backups, which can also be doubled up into digital first issues. Swamp Thing: New Roots, for example, can have four issues of the already-published Mark Russell/Marco Santucci stories, and then can double up the four Phil Hester/Tom Mandrake backups for another two issues, allowing the digital series to run through issue 6 without needing new material. Of course, that’s only 2 weeks away. This weekly schedule burns a lot of material!


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