Is it a bird, is it a plane … no, it’s a comic artist!

So there I was praising the artwork of Bernard Chang on Supergirl #62 when who should email to say hi from across the Atlantic than the man himself? He’d like to tell us what he’s up to this week, so here goes!

SUPERGIRL artist Bernard Chang will be relocating his drawing table to the friendly confines of DJ’s Universal Comics in Studio CIty, CA. From March 23-27, Chang will be working “in house” on actual pages from his upcoming issue of the teenage Krytonian superhero. This is a great opportunity to come see an actual comic book being created in person, as well as checking out one of the best local comic book shops in Los Angeles.

“Rarely do people ever see an actual page in progress,” said Chang, “and Cat Jercan (owner) was gracious enough to let me set up shop in his store to share this process with fans. I use to live down the street from his former location and always thought it would be a cool idea to actually create a comic book in a comic book store.”For more information, call Cat @ 818-761-3465. DJ’s Universal Comics is located at 11390 Ventura Blvd #9 (on the second level above Fat Jacks, at the intersection of Tujunga and Ventura), Studio City, CA 91604 or go online @ and

And remember, please do not feed the artist.

Safe to say I’m one jealous blogger – I’d love to pop in and meet Bernard, maybe get a Supergirl or Wonder Woman trade signed. If anyone gets along, say hi for me.

2 thoughts on “Is it a bird, is it a plane … no, it’s a comic artist!

  1. Man, that sounds cool. I remember Harlan Ellison talking about times he would sit in a bookstore window with his typewriter and write a short story on the spot. I'd love to see the creative process like this!


  2. The closest I came to watching a strip being created was when I was creator-wrangling for the UK Comics Art convention once, helping to look after the talent, including artists as they drew their contributions to the art auction. Meeting the likes of Gil Kane and Robert Kanigher was amazing.

    (Oh Lord, just checked – that was 1986 … I'm so old!)


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