Oh. My. Lord.

11 thoughts on “Oh. My. Lord.

  1. I can see how this could be cool (considering that this is because of recent Alan Scott health problems) and I know that Guggenheim wants to steer clear of the generated prosthetics like the one Aquaman had, but this is over done.


  2. Um…okay. Well, that's a little cumbersome and ungraceful-looking, isn't it? That's the only remark I can give on a mag I'm not reading. But I would like to know how long Scott Kolins has been drawing JSA.


  3. THIS is what happens when Transformers mate with Iron Man.
    HORRIBLE costume. I think he wanted to maybe go Kingdom Come, but still….. ew.


  4. Speedy is grinning like a loon, but isn't he meant to be a loon these days? And if they're going to kill boring, overexposed Deathstroke, hurrah!

    Blue, I agree, a green flame prosthetic is fine – as is, Alan looks as if he's been eaten by the Central Power Battery.

    Joe. Kolins begam on #44.


  5. I don't understand the logic of this. In the recent JLA arc Alan Scott gets a major major upgrade and after all his power is based on will and magic, even if for some reason this is not enough to repair his spine damage or whatever there is no logical reason he cannot use his power to 'will' his body to move regardless. No need for this bizzare exo-skeleton cum armour.


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