Siege: Embedded #1 review

Nasty Norman Osborn and pals are off to invade Asgard; Volstagg is sad that he accidentally killed thousands of humans, but is more hungry than sad; journalists are pro and anti-Osborn . . . again; I paid $3.99 for 22 pages of pleasant but inessential story and art from Brian Reed, Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson.

Connection severed.

5 thoughts on “Siege: Embedded #1 review

  1. This whole endeavour looks like hilariously self important bollocks.

    “An event seven years in the making?”

    Seven years of ongoing bullshit more like…


  2. “An event seven years in the making” sounds like issue 2 of any comic book mini series written by Kevin Smith. Well, not ANY Kevin Smith mini series… only the really quick ones!

    (Yeah, it's a cheap shot but I couldn't resist)


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