Supergirl #48 review

After last issue’s focus on Supermom Alura, daughter Kara takes centre stage again in an issue that barely touches upon the New Krypton storyline that has dominated this book for months. And the comic is all the better for it, as we finally get some real information about Lana Lang’s illness and Supergirl gets a mystery to solve without having to worry about what 100,000 survivors of Krypton are doing.

Police contact Inspector Henderson asks for super-help when spectral menace the Silver Banshee shows up in Metropolis again. She’s questing for eternal rest but is merely succeeding in sending mortals to theirs. By issue’s end Supergirl is looking at things from a very different angle in a case of Kara on screaming*.

While I’ve been anxious for the Lana subplot to really get moving, after months of hints and portents, I’m fine with it taking a back seat to the Banshee business here. For Gates makes she-devil Siobhan intriguing enough to merit the space she gets, from the eerie opening to the surprise ending. Guest artists Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernandez keep to regulars Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal’s character designs while impressing with their own tricks. Dagnino shows a real knack for a well-laid-out page, with a spread detailing the Silver Banshee’s origin a flashy standout, while Henderson’s narrative of his recent business is a quieter gem. I want these guys on the first superhero strip with a vacancy, stat.

Princess of the palette Nei Ruffino gets a hand from Ulises Arreola and Pete Pantazis and whatever mood is required, they whip it up; Jared K Fletcher gives us clear calligraphy and a screamworthy story title. Editors Wil Moss and Matt Idelson have assembled an excellent team, resulting in an excellent issue. It’s not rocket science, but it’s appreciated.

* Oh dear, that’ll make no sense to non-Brits – sorry!

4 thoughts on “Supergirl #48 review

  1. Some of us Yanks have heard of the Carry On series, if only from reading the titles of the old movies in the TV Guide. Don't think I've ever actually seen one.

    Granted it wasn't your best one, but still, puns are why I come here!


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