So Super Duper #7 review

I’ve read a lot of superhero comedies over the years. Usually they’re spoofs and the obvious digs at the conventions of the genre can get wearisome – yes, we know grown men fighting crime with little boys could be seen as odd, and that the women have ridiculous chests – so it’s a blessed relief to come across one created with real affection.

That’s So Super Duper, Brian Andersen’s comic about Psyche, member of horribly titled super-team the Amazin’naughts. The irony is that this empath has little self-awareness, not recognising his selfishness and fooling himself that he’s not a transparent sissy. He’s terribly pleased with himself for hanging out with the heroes while having to do little more than point out that the guy killing puppies is evil. Frankly, he’s not someone I’d want to spend time with, but he’s entertaining to watch, and I do enjoy his pals Skip, hairdresser to heroes, and siblings Comet and Star. Plus, I love the spins on traditional superhero tropes, such as issue 3’s Who Will Diet? cover

The latest charming book sees Psyche fretting about his female team-mates meeting Skip as she upgrades their powerful barnets. Not earth-shattering stuff, but it raises many a smile. And that goes for the art as much as the story, as cartoonist Andersen uses a happy colour palette that stays just the right side of Barbie’s Little Pony. The only thing I’m not keen on is super female Sass, whose speech patterns enter the realm of Blaxploitation stereotype – still, this is comics, she could get knocked out and wake with a new personality. And wouldn’t that be So Super Duper?

If you can’t find So Super Duper in the shops, visit

2 thoughts on “So Super Duper #7 review

  1. What shop do you buy this in? I’ve never seen it?

    And even though I’ve never seen Sass I think you’re being a bit kneejerk. Blaxpoitation lingo is alive and well in reality! Don’t you ever watch Judge Judy? Or just come and visit Hackney if you need further evidence…


  2. Hi There!
    If you go to my main website address: you will find a list of stores that carry my comics. If you aren’t near those locations you can also find the two places you can order my comic online. 🙂 And thank you for SO much for commenting!


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