Mighty Avengers 22 review

There are some images that become instant classics. The Fantastic Four joining hands as they vow to stay together. Kingdom Come Superman catching a lightning bolt. Phoenix rising for the first time. And now, Hank Pym fixing Jocasta with his power tool (click to >ahem< enlarge). If that doesn't give you nightmares, you're made of adamantium/prometheum/inertron/insert comic book tough stuff of choice.

Elsewhere this issue, the ragtag team of Mighty Avengers faces Cthon, Quicksilver races down the road to redemption and Bova the cow woman is udderly brilliant. Writer Dan Slott continues to find the classic Avengers spirit, with a story tapping into Marvel lore and plenty of spot-on characterisation. Penciller Khoi Pham suffers a little from murky inking – there’s some odd blacking at times – but tells the story well enough. Astral projection Wanda is tremendously eerie, in part due to colourists Jason Keith and Matt Milla. And letterer Dave Lanphear plays his part well (I love it when people use the original Avengers logo font for credits, as he does here).

In all, a fun straightforward comic from a team that really knows what it’s doing.

3 thoughts on “Mighty Avengers 22 review

  1. I see you’ve linked The Quantum Blog, Mart. I’ll link you back; thanks.Somehow I didn’t pick up on that image of the Wasp and Jocasta. Unintentional perversity, I’m sure. :-))Joe


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