Teen Titans 62 review

Look at that happy cover! Titans tech team Wendy and Marvin with their great new pal, Wonderdog.

They are so toast.

And so it proves, as the dog grows massive and ugly and – ulp – hungry. Oh the irony, only pages previously the pair had failed to find something the pooch considered tasty. That’s what happens when you spend more time proclaiming your genius IQ than finding out just how a dog could appear out of the blue.

Marvin: ‘Huh. The thing just shows up on Titans Island out of nowhere . . . ?’

Wendy: ‘Weird, huh?’

Marvin: More than weird Wendy . . . it’s gotta be some kind of Wonderdog.’

No, you dolt, it’s gotta be a trap.

Oh well, Marvin is eaten and Wendy looks to have followed (but I wouldn’t bet on it). Still, I’m sure these Brainiacs will appreciate that it’s just Darwinism in action. They have the book learning, but not the street smarts. Heck, they didn’t even think to see if the darn dug had a microchip.

Elsewhere this issue, Cyborg brags about the great new security at Titans Tower. Oops, spoke too soon, neither Wendy nor Marvin have a personal alarm on their person, no sensors pick up Marvin’s anguished screams and Robin responds to an alarm pressed by Wendy in a flaccid manner that’s not terribly becoming to a teen wonder.

And Miss Martian quits the team. Well, Supergirl has gone and Ravager has gone – had she stayed, grumpy old Wonder Girl would have found a way to get her off the team too; why wait for the inevitable?

Sean McKeever’s script is decent, though I’m sure most fans could see what was coming a mile off. Recent issues of this book show that the boy sure does like the grisly, though, I can imagine him having a whale of a time describing the bad dog scenes towards the end.

The art is very nice, I really like the Eddy Barrows and Ruy Jose team, bar their tendency to constantly pose Wendy with her shoulders back and tits out. I suppose she did indeed have more to declare than her genius.

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