Ambush Bug Year None 2 review

Oh, this is silly stuff. No clear through line to the story, dozens of obscure continuity references, a lack of respect for DC history . . . I love it to itty bitty bits. Plotter/artist Keith Giffen, dialogue chap Robert Loren Fleming and the rest of the gang are on fire here, spitting out 22 pages of nonsense that put a massive smile on my face.

There’s no point trying to give a flavour of the book here, or to pass on out-of-context gags – if you’ve liked the Bug in the past, you’ll likely like this. If you’ve not tried the Bug, but enjoy a bit of levity with your comics fix, this could be your cup of cocoa.

All I will say is that this book brings you the Character Find of 2008 in the greatest member of the Mauve Lantern Corps, the Spaniard of the Spaceways . . . Don Gaye Apparel!

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