Booster Gold 11 review

Writers Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz left this book on a high note last issue. Booster’s latest spot of time tinkering was a success, his long-dead sister Michelle was returned to his life and we learned the true identity of Rip Hunter. Soon, Booster’s creator, and current artist, Dan Jurgens steps up to the writing plate, but before that, a few fill-ins.

First off, Chuck Dixon supplies what will be one of his last DC stories for awhile, some kind of disagreement having taken him away from the company again. That’s a shame, as I usually enjoy his stuff.

This, not so much. Perhaps I haven’t got my brain in gear, but I couldn’t follow the cross-time capers this time out. There was some time travelling villain who had previously appeared in a Batman story I missed, Booster dressing up as Killer Moth, a vanishing Batgirl . . . my main problem was that I didn’t get how the first scene of a Killer Moth robbery gelled with a different perspective on it later in the issue. I won’t spell out where I’m confused as, if you’ve not read this issue yet, I’ll probably be putting my stupidity into your head, colouring your own reading of the tale, but yeah, I’m confused.

Perhaps part two will make things clearer to this bear of little brain. Meanwhile, there were incidental pleasures – a Batmobile straight out of the TV show, All-Action Alfred, a very Nick Fury Jim Gordon, the integration of Michelle/Goldstar and the wonderfully clear artwork of Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.

Reading this issue, though, has me wondering if the book should have ended with the loss of Katz and Johns – they gave Booster Gold a very high concept (time travelling saviour who must keep his good deeds secret) and perhaps only they can make it work. It could be that the concept would be best served in occasional specials, fitted into the schedule according to the workload of Johns and Katz – after all, how many time-bending tales can you have before befuddlement sets in?

I’ll reserve judgement as there’s another fill-in, by Rick Remender, before Jurgens takes over, and perhaps these gentlemen can convince me that Booster Gold’s comic should stick around without a Bo(oster Go)ld New Direction. Certainly I like the idea of Booster’s daddy being at the helm again. Will it be good? We’ll know in time.

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