Wonder Woman #781 review

A catch-up lunch date with Etta Candy is curtailed when a call from Steve Trevor summons Diana’s pal to his side. Wonder Woman asks Etta for a favour. Diana isn’t at a loss for something to do, having just learnt that longtime enemy Dr Psycho has put out a book of his poisonous thoughts. She […]

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DC Pride #1 review

DC’s latest 100-page giant is dedicated to the company’s non-straight heroes, some well-known, others less so. The company pretty proud of this one, down to commissioning a rainbow version of the DC bullet from Daniel Qasar, the man behind the Progress Pride flag. And rather festive it is too. The issue also has an introduction […]

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Aquaman Annual #2 review

Sometimes annuals are set up as unmissable stories – done-in-ones debuting a new villain, or bombastic conclusions to long-running storylines. Aquaman Annual #2 is neither. It’s a small-scale tale with big moments and a good old-fashioned – but far from inessential – moral. Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom signal hangs in the sky, inviting people […]

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