DC Cybernetic Summer #1 review

Growing up in the UK, summer specials were a thing – tabloid-sized editions of our weekly favourites on super-shiny paper, all in colour for 25p… back then full-colour was reserved for only a few pages in the likes of the Beano, Dandy and Bunty. I loved them, so I couldn’t resist this seasonal special. And […]

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Aquaman: Deep Dives #1 review

The strip begins with Mera addressing the United Nations regarding the status of Atlantis, something she seems to do weekly. Arthur, glad to no longer be the diplomat in the family, is watching proudly when he’s called to a disturbance at New York’s Museum of Unnatural History. Black Manta has arrived to steal an Atlantean […]

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Wonder Woman Annual #3 review

Twelve years ago Wonder Woman rescued a young girl after her parents were killed in a terrorist incident on American soil. She placed the child with retiring agents of the security organisation Argus, and kept in touch. Five years ago, young Helen, now a valued agent of Argus herself, is on a mission to Gorilla […]

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Gotham City Monsters #1 review

In the dark night of Gotham, an eternal battle continues. Across town, a career criminal is hoping to turn over a new leaf. In a bar, a spy with no home carries on his work. Beneath Gotham Harbour, a creature mourns for the woman she once was. A woman of clay yearns to find herself. […]

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Wonder Woman #73 review

Once upon a time, the future Wonder Woman and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, found themselves in a strange land where another monarch wished to teach them a harsh lesson. If the blonde Empress seems familiar, that’s because she’s also Hippolyta – a duplicate born in a dark mirror dimension created by the original, brunette Amazon […]

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Martian Manhunter #1 review

A few years ago, police detectives John Jones and Diane Meade are called to a crime scene. The parents are dead, the daughter is missing. Jones, secretly a Martian, gets a telepathic flash. We see from a flashback to life on Mars that fright foam most likely equates to human blood. Also, that while he […]

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Wonder Woman #51 review

Some time ago, Wonder Woman sent would-be murderess Mayfly to jail for a long stretch. The last person she expects to visit her is Diana. But here she is. Maybe it’s Diana’s aura of truth, but despite her deep antagonism, Mayfly opens up. Diana visits once more. And continues calling every couple of months for […]

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