War For Earth 3 #2 review

The Titans have been teleported to Earth 3 to help Rick Flag’s unofficial Suicide Squad stop Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad taking over the world. Or something. Honestly, several months into this expanded Suicide Squad storyline I’m still not sure what her point is… Waller’s decided she can’t keep her own Earth safe so she’ll protect […]

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Lois Lane #12 review

Over the last few months I’ve moaned a bit about the freewheeling nature of this maxi-series; plotlines that seemed fundamental to the story vanished for months at a time. Well, they’re back: the reporter killed by Russians? Out in the open. The corruption in Washington? Exposed. The hotel cleaner threatened with deportation? Welcome after all. […]

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Lois Lane #11 review

In which… actually, I don’t have a Scooby. I can manage a likely imprecise précis. The killer known as the Kiss of Death wants to off Renée Montoya but is trapped in a magic circle made by Jessica Midnight at the behest of Clarice the Action Nun as part of a plan formulated by Lois […]

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Lois Lane #10 review

Now things get interesting. I enjoyed the first couple of issues of this maxi-series a lot, but as the months passed my grasp of what the story actually was became less firm. I wasn’t sure there was a story there at all. Subplots that seemed important vanished for months on end. Characters would come on […]

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Lois Lane #8 review

There’s a fun moment in the latest instalment of this Question mini-series when guest star Lois Lane tells us who she once found cooler than Superman. Oh all right, I know it’s Lois’s name on the cover, and her face looking out at us slyly, but as I’ve said previously, writer Greg Rucka seems far […]

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Lois Lane #6 review

Sam Lane, soldier turned spy and Lois Lane’s father, has died, killed during the Leviathan affair. As he’s buried with full military honours, his daughter remembers their stormy, but ultimately loving, relationship. The reporter maintains her composure as she says goodbye, accompanied by husband Clark, son Jon and sister Lucy Finally, though, it all becomes […]

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Lois Lane #4 review

The final page of this instalment of the Lois Lane maxi-series tells us that next issue is to be called ‘No answers, only questions’. Actually, that would apply to every issue so far, including this one. We start where we left off last time, with a near-naked, very embarrassed Lois in the shower, where she […]

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Lois Lane #3 review

Reporter Lois Lane has witnessed the murder of a dodgy businessman. By her side is private detective Renee Montoya, whom she’d hired to keep her safe. And she did, pushing Lois out of the way of a speeding bullet. But the businessman, Mr Agger – who was linked to dirty dealings in Congress – is […]

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