Lois Lane #12 review

Over the last few months I’ve moaned a bit about the freewheeling nature of this maxi-series; plotlines that seemed fundamental to the story vanished for months at a time. Well, they’re back: the reporter killed by Russians? Out in the open. The corruption in Washington? Exposed. The hotel cleaner threatened with deportation? Welcome after all. […]

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Lois Lane #11 review

In which… actually, I don’t have a Scooby. I can manage a likely imprecise précis. The killer known as the Kiss of Death wants to off Renée Montoya but is trapped in a magic circle made by Jessica Midnight at the behest of Clarice the Action Nun as part of a plan formulated by Lois […]

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Lois Lane #10 review

Now things get interesting. I enjoyed the first couple of issues of this maxi-series a lot, but as the months passed my grasp of what the story actually was became less firm. I wasn’t sure there was a story there at all. Subplots that seemed important vanished for months on end. Characters would come on […]

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Lois Lane #3 review

Reporter Lois Lane has witnessed the murder of a dodgy businessman. By her side is private detective Renee Montoya, whom she’d hired to keep her safe. And she did, pushing Lois out of the way of a speeding bullet. But the businessman, Mr Agger – who was linked to dirty dealings in Congress – is […]

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