Justice League #51 review

The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern and Superman are flying back to Earth after the gruelling space saga of the last few issues. In the back of their minds, something is speaking to the individuals heroes, digging around in their subconscious. Back in the Now, they realise that their course has changed. They’re heading […]

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Aquaman: Deep Dives #2 review

Arthur Curry rules most of the Earth – the Seven Seas. He doesn’t, though, get to parts of his realm as often as he should. Today he’s in the Black Sea, having followed a trail of distressing stories from the world’s fish. He discovers something disturbing. He also finds self-styled eco -warriors the Sea Devils, […]

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Gotham City Monsters #1 review

In the dark night of Gotham, an eternal battle continues. Across town, a career criminal is hoping to turn over a new leaf. In a bar, a spy with no home carries on his work. Beneath Gotham Harbour, a creature mourns for the woman she once was. A woman of clay yearns to find herself. […]

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