Justice League #59 review

I’m not one for re-starting series willy nilly, but if ever a book deserved a new #1 it’s Brian Bendis and David Marquez’ Justice League. Even though the story continues from recent DC Universe events, it feels as fresh as a Themysciran daisy. The issue opens in the Hall of Justice with a conversation between […]

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Action Comics #1016 review

It’s Superman vs Red Cloud round three. Or is it four? Whatever the case, things are different this time, as the mysterious villain is more powerful than ever, courtesy of Lex Luthor. Metropolis Marvel and Misty Murderess face off in the heart of the city, but readers aren’t there as it happens. Nope, writer Brian […]

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Action Comics #1015 review

There’s a new kid in town. Naomi, fresh from the pages of her debut mini-series, comes looking for Superman. And she’s not wasted a moment…this is the day she discovered she has powers. This is the day she finds she can fly. And this is the day she makes a friend. Two, actually… As it […]

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