The Legion of Super-Heroes #9 review

On trial for being more proactive in United Planets affairs than President RJ Brande would like, members of the Legion of Super-Heroes defend themselves. At the forefront of the legal battle is Shadow Lass. Tasmia Mallor tells the delegates from member worlds that “… the Legion is a brilliant idea well executed by its members’. […]

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Dial H For Hero #10 review

A New Year and a new batch of comics to buy. And the first one read, Dial H For Hero #10 – I had to know how this glorious Joe Quinones cover – presumably a homage to a specific Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post piece – relates to the inside. Well, on a thematic level, […]

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Dial H For Hero #9

As former H Dial users greedily search for the strange devices that once gave them super powers, Miguel and Summer are on the downlow in Metropolis. Yes, they’re at the Daily Planet, working as interns during the day, selling cheese toasties at night and just about getting by. Miguel has one of the four dials […]

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Dial H For Hero #1 review

An ordinary kid in an ordinary town, Miguel fantasies about being special. He remembers once meeting someone very special. Years later, Miguel’s parents are no longer on the scene and he’s living with his uncle and working in his food business. It’s not the life Miguel wants, so he finds his excitement elsewhere. Today, he […]

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