The Green Lantern #8 review

I’ve been enjoying the new Green Lantern book – Grant Morrison’s talents and interests make for memorable space operas, while Liam Sharp’s wild imagination generates fabulous images. The only issue that hasn’t worked for me was last month’s storybook-style fantasy – the twee script looked beautiful on the page but it was a slog to […]

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The Green Lantern #4 review

Last issue ended with Hal killing an intergalactic slave trader, claiming it was self-defence; it wasn’t. This month the book opens on a hypnotically beautiful alien world, where an insectoid being is trying to negotiate survival with a female humanoid. She wants entrance to a vault the native creatures jealousy guard. She also has a […]

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The Green Lantern #1 review

It’s not the elegant image of Hal Jordan and power battery that truly struck me as regards the cover of The Green Lantern #1, it’s the copy. ‘Beware my power!’ warns an above-the-logo slogan. ‘Earthman Hal Jordan brings justice to the stars’ notes the log line. And then there’s the story arc title, ‘Intergalactic Lawman’. […]

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