Underrated – Legion Lost

Twenty years ago, several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were lost in space. And time. Actually, that statement doesn’t do the extent of the their problems justice; they’ve been flung outside of reality itself, with no landmarks to help resident genius Brainiac 5.1 even begin to plot a way back. They do, though, gain […]

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Justice League Odyssey #19 review

Darkseid has taken over Starfire and she’s working with a couple of other minions to take down her former Justice League allies. Said allies are hiding out with Epoch, the Lord of Time, whose mastery of time energy means he can hold off the bad guys. Heck, he’s even got time to run scenarios showing […]

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Titans #28 review

And it is, it is a glorious thing To be a Pirate King. That’s what Beast Boy reckons, anyway, as a tough-talking Tempest arrives from the depths to lead a team of teen heroes reeling from the loss of Nightwing. The Blade of Blüdhaven is out of action after being shot, Earth is being attacked […]

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Titans #27 review

Original Teen Titan Roy Harper, Arsenal, is dead. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is fighting for his life after being shot through the skull. And the Titans are crippled. Crippled by grief, confusion, self-doubt. Can they rise above the recent tragedies and continue with Nightwing’s quest to help people transformed by the cosmic crumbling of the Source […]

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Aquaman #39 review

Atlantis has been raised from the sea, a subconscious wish by Aquaman acted on by magical metal. The surface world is deeply suspicious and Amanda Waller has sent the Suicide Squad to bomb Atlantis back under the water. And if some people die… …actually, despite being criminals, not all the Squad members – specifically Harley […]

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Titans #24 review

Tasked with intercepting ‘Emergent’ crises, manifestations of leaked Source Wall energy among Earth’s populace, the Titans are called to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. There, they find themselves in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Or so it seems, what with ruddy great monsters, a cheeky Elf and… While clearing regular folk out of the […]

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