Shazam #12 review

Freddy Freeman is unimpressed by the quality of enemies Billy Batson is fighting as the supercharged hero Shazam. Freddy says that with the power at his command, Shazam should be thinking bigger, prompting Billy to go looking for more impressive villains. And soon, he’s face to sackcloth face with Batman’s scariest scoundrel, the Scarecrow. Of […]

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Shazam! #1 review

With one magic word… six Captain Marvels? Well, no, the sextet of colour-coordinated kids channelling the old wizard’s powers in DC’s latest Shazam series aren’t going by the traditional name. As we join them in this sequel to Geoff Johns’ 2011 Justice League back-up they’ve been operating in Philadelphia for a year and haven’t come […]

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