Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 review

Well, there’s a cover. New Superman Jon Kent protesting against climate change with a bunch of equally earnest kids, including boyfriend Jay. Actually, forget the ‘earnest’ bit, after his improved performance last time I’m back to trusting Jay not one bit. Oh, and there’s Aqualad… and is that a sea monster? Anyway, the cover reminds […]

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Justice League #67 review

And once again we have a cover that seems to belong to a different month. Nowhere in this issue do Black Canary and Green Arrow fight a gang of Deathstroke cosplayers. They show up at the end, but meet only Lois Lane’s supposed brother, who we now learn goes by the rather hilarious ‘Leonardo Lane’, […]

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Justice League #12 review

To best enjoy the current Justice League run, it’s best not to sweat the big stuff. Moon blown up? Just go with it. Everyone on earth transformed into sea monsters? It happens. If things don’t make sense at the time, they’re generally clarified an issue or two later. I’m not so keen on outright cheats, […]

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