Teen Titans #31 review

Lobo’s back. That was the name of one of the best mini-series starring DC Comics’ main man, the extraterrestrial assassin with a fondness for space dolphins. His ubiquitousness in the Nineties, and creators forgetting he was meant to be a joke, led readers to tire of him, and his popularity faded. In the last decade […]

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Teen Titans #23 review

It’s just another day in Gotham City. Officer down! Meanwhile, on Long Island, where Kid Flash has called to tell the parents of teammate-for-five-minutes Roundhouse that their son is dead… A call from Robin has the pals heading for Gotham, where they find the dead Commissioner Gordon. Make that, ‘dead Commissioner Gordon’. Having heard Gordon […]

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Teen Titans #20 review

The new Teen Titans are on their latest mission – bringing down the current incarnation of the Church of Brother Blood. As the new members gel surprisingly well considering they’ve only worked together a handful of times, leader Robin thinks about how he recruited each one. First came Kid Flash, who served with Damian Wayne […]

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Teen Titans Special #1 review

One night in Gotham, Robin is having a time-out from the life of a young vigilante. Damian Wayne is enjoying a meal in his favourite eatery, whose Lebanese immigrant owners he’s befriended. Then, local thugs arrive, and things go to hell. Damian decides he’s had enough of playing nice with bad guys who get out […]

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