Superboy #5 review

That is one beautiful cover, courtesy of penciller Eddy Barrows, inker JP Mayer and colourist Jamie Grant – dynamic, vibrant, not just another variation on the traditional Superman/Flash race … surely it’s sold a few extra copies of this issue. I hope so, as Superboy’s new solo title deserves to pile on readers. There’s a […]

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Young Justice #0 review

JLA communicator cards on the table, I’ve not seen the new Young Justice TV show, bar the odd clip. It’s not hit the UK yet. But I was a fan of the original series by Peter David and Todd Nauck. I was disappointed when the quirky little comic was cancelled so the main characters could […]

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Superboy #1 review

It’s been a long road back to prominence for Conner Kent. Born in the wake of the Death of Superman event, he had his own comic through the Nineties, managing a hundred issues. He spent time as a Teen Titan, then wound up dead for awhile, before being revived to star in the equally revived […]

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