Justice League #7 review

In Baltimore, the Justice League saves the day when scientist Dr Samuel Street is infected with a virus he’s delivering to government organisation ARGUS. The bug turns him into a monster-man able to create mini-monster men. As well as physically, it brings out the worst in him mentally, causing him to threaten his ex-wife. Putting him […]

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Justice League #6 review

Earth is under attack by parademons from the evil world of Apokolips but seven superheroes have assembled to form our planet’s last, desperate defence. While five face down the leader of the invasion, Darkseid, two are stranded on his hellish world. Set five years in the past of the rebooted DC Universe, this comic features […]

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Justice League #5 review

Darkseid has landed in Metropolis and has his eyes on Flash and Superman. More specifically, his omega beams, the deadly force blasts that can lock on to a person, making evasion almost impossible. ‘Almost’. The fastest man alive finds a way to escape being blasted to atoms, and while Superman isn’t so lucky, he is […]

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Justice League #4 review

Aquaman is the star of the cover, and the show, as the Justice League finally comes together. This being comics, the actual scene – future sea king standing over a beaten Green Lantern – isn’t to be seen in the story, though there is a thematic match; Arthur wipes the smile off Hal’s doubting face […]

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Justice League #3 review

Wonder Woman joins Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern as winged beasts wreak havoc in Metropolis, destroying property and kidnapping citizens. Meanwhile in Detroit, another attack by the aliens sees STAR Labs scientist Professor Ivo carried away as colleague Silas Stone bids to save son Victor from succumbing to burns received as the monsters arrived […]

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Justice League #1 review

Say hello to the New DC Universe. Tweaked costumes, younger heroes, different relationships …. it’s bound to be a bumpy ride, but that’s not so bad in the superhero genre. DC kicks off with its big guns book, hoping the traditional combination of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the rest draws us in … […]

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Batman: The Dark Knight #1 review

Batman is upset that his long-lost love has gone missing. Julie Madison? Silver St Cloud? No, silly, Dawn Golden. Oh aye, Dawn Golden, she went to college with Bruce, broke his heart, we all remember her.  Errr … Anyway, it must have been a more intense than lengthy relationship, as we know Bruce never went […]

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