Action Comics #39 review

The Phantom Zone story climaxes and concludes with Superman and Steel going into the ghostly realm to confront the beast responsible for the physical and psychological horrors that have plagued Smallville. It turns out that the monster has known Clark for a very long time, and may be too much for even a man of […]

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Action Comics #35 review

It’s two months since Superman defeated Brainiac in the far reaches of space, pushing him into a black hole. He’s spent the time since flying back to Earth, the Doomsday virus vanishing as a beard appears. It’s not a happy return as a Waynetech satellite on the outskirts of the atmosphere blasts him with a […]

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Action Comics #32 review

The Superman Doomed event enters a new stage this issue, with an Enemy of the State banner added to the cover. I’m not sure why the title needs a subtitle as the story continues without any obvious new starting point, but there you go. Inside, we get another title, Nightmare.  And that’s what Superman hopes […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #19 review

The Fatal Five’s attacks on the United Planets continue with the Emerald Empress devastating Weber’s World, the organisation’s admin HQ. Perched on the deadly Emerald Eye of Ekron like a witch on a broomstick, she’s murdering by the dozen. Can Mon-El, one of the most powerful Legionnaires, withstand her fury? Across space, Phantom Girl, Invisible […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #18 review

There’s no let-up for the Legion after the horrors of last issue. On Earth, the team’s shattered HQ is besieged by a mob whose members assume they’re behind the failure of quark technology that has thrown the United Planets into chaos. On the unknown world where Sun Boy died, Invisible Kid, Polar Boy and Phantom […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #16 review

It’s Shrinking Violet and Chameleon Boy vs Validus as the search for the new Fatal Five continues. The pair visit prison planet Takron Galtos with colleague Lightning Lass to see if the giant with mental lightning really is still imprisoned in impregnable inertron, or if there’s been a bait and switch. Back on Earth, the […]

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Threshold Presents The Hunted #1

Tolerance. It’s always a good thing. Except when Tolerance is the name of a city on an enemy world and you’re being hunted down by citizens eager to claim a bounty on your head. That’s the situation facing Green Lantern Jediah Caul in this new science fiction drama. Captured, then cast out for the benefit […]

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My Greatest Adventure #1 review

Last year DC gave us the Weird Worlds anthology, six issues of great-looking, flighty fun. Here’s the sequel, with two of the three stars of that book back, while the irritating Lobo is, happily, gone. The first returnee is Garbage Man, the Swamp Man-Thing creation of artist-writer Aaron Lopresti (who provides this issue’s lovely cover). […]

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Flash #12 review

It’s the final instalment of the Road to Flashpoint storyline, and the last issue of this run. And while it’s a safe bet there’ll be a new volume along in a few months, for once a book that’s ending feels like a conclusion. That’s because writer Geoff Johns closes the book on the subplots that […]

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