Superman #707 review

Superman’s S is one of the most-recognisable symbols in the world. Eight months into ‘Grounded’ and I suggest swapping it for a Z, as in Zzzzzz. For this really is the most tedious of tales. I bought this month’s issue to give new scripter Chris Roberson a chance to impress, but while there is a twist, […]

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Superman #706 review

As J Michael Straczynski walks away from the less-than-popular ‘Grounded’ storyline, Superman gets its second fill-in in three issues, which is rather pathetic. Still, as a fan of the Daily Planet staff, an issue checking in with them doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever. And it isn’t. Not quite. As with the Lois-centred #705, […]

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Superman #705 review

This is an important comic book. It reveals that out there, in the heartland of America, there is something called Domestic Violence, and this is Bad. What, you knew that already? Well, the Superest Hobo apparently didn’t, as he gets terribly self-righteous about the sorry business. Let’s start at the very beginning (oh, I could […]

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Wonder Woman #604 review

The Burning Man fights Diana, his attempts at boring her to death with his long, tedious backstory having failed. A montage breaks out and Diana announces she’ll gladly die in battle if she takes him, the Amazons’ tormentor, with her. Don’t do it, cries the unexpected ghost of her mum, Queen Hippolyte. Do not darken […]

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Superman #703 review

Ah, that’s better. After a month’s delay, Superman #703 arrives and I finally enjoy an installment of the Grounded storyline. Superman gives a stalker a taste of his own intimidating medicine in a page putting our hero in touch with his Golden Age self. Batman shows up and asks Superman what the heck he’s up […]

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Wonder Woman #603 review

Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters are still in the Turkish desert, fleeing from bad guys. The Keres, creatures of myth, appear and send Diana to Tartarus. It’s hot down there, the Keres show up again, but some of the natives are friendly and soon she’s back in the real world. There, the bad guys’ […]

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Superman #702 review

Right, I’m halfway through the second issue of Superman’s walk across America. I just need to bang my head against the wall for one minute … … OK. I’m back. And I’ve read the rest of the comic. Dearie Lord, I don’t like the guy starring in this run by J Michael Straczynski. ‘Superman’ reaches […]

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Superman #701 review

Well, that wasn’t a bad one-issue story. Superman aids the little guy. He diagnoses car trouble and heart problems. He helps a suicidal woman find hope and annoys drug dealers. He cleans a storeroom. I’m down with that. For several years DC would devote a Christmas issue to Superman reading his fan mail and helping […]

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Superman #700 review

James Robinson and Bernard Chang say goodbye to Superman, J Michael Straczynski says hello and Dan Jurgens says, what, that old thing? I like that this issue bridges the gap between two creative teams, that is, Robinson and recent partner Chang, and JMS and Eddy Barrows. Robinson gives us a simple tale of Superman and […]

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