Flashpoint #1 review

Barry Allen wakes up at his desk in Central City’s crime lab to hear that he’s meant to be finding proof local hero Citizen Cold murdered someone named Miss Alchemy. Realising this isn’t his reality, he rushes into the corridor, spots he has no Flash ring and stumbles down the stairs. At the bottom is someone who’s […]

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The Flash #10 review

The Flash and Kid Flash meet Hot Pursuit, who claims to be the Barry Allen of one of the 52 worlds. Unable to access the Speed Force directly, he steals speed via his super-cycle to zoom around his world, protecting it from temporal attacks. He tells Barry that ‘the single greatest time anomaly to threaten […]

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Superman #709 review

Superman and Flash races are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. Last week’s Superboy #5 featured Conner Kent and Bart Allen racing around the world, and here we have their elders; Superman and Barry Allen, matching their speed against one another. It’s not a case of bad […]

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The Flash #9 review

There’s a new speedster in town, but this one doesn’t run, he rides a motorcycle. A decidedly futuristic, demonic-looking motorcycle that shatters the peace of the Central City evening. You might think this would bring Barry Allen running, but we don’t catch up with him until next morning – the previous night he was fighting Gorilla Grodd. Sent to […]

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Young Justice #0 review

JLA communicator cards on the table, I’ve not seen the new Young Justice TV show, bar the odd clip. It’s not hit the UK yet. But I was a fan of the original series by Peter David and Todd Nauck. I was disappointed when the quirky little comic was cancelled so the main characters could […]

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