Justice Society of America 21

Look at that cover – Alex Ross has entered his red period. Oh dear.

Following on from last week’s excellent The Kingdom special, this sees the pro and anti-Gog factions of the JSA unite to battle the self-proclaimed god now he has shown his hand. Predictably, but satisfyingly, several members pay the price in a Geoff Johns script that’s choc-full of fine character moments.

That’s pretty much it for story, but it’s a hugely enjoyable issue as the entire membership wakes up to the fact that sometimes you should look a gift god in the mouth and take note of the creepy child molester grin.

The only off-note in this issue is on the face of it an art issue, but it plays to character: Alan Scott’s outfit. He dons the green knight look Alex Ross designed for Kingdom Come. Complete with loincloth. Did he run out of green energy metal around the crotch? This is a man born at the beginning of the 20th century, is he having a late-life crisis?

The actual art is pretty nice – I think it’s mostly Dale Eaglesham and Nathan Massengill, with a bit of Jerry Ordway and Bob Wiacek here and there, as indicated by the cover credits. The interior credits are absent, though there is a lovely black panel on page 4.

Next issue, ‘the long awaited’ conclusion – has DC been reading my whines?

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