Too Lobo for Heretical Jargon

Image borrowed from Chris Sims’ Invincible Super-Blog

The second episode of Jimmy Trapp’s Heretical Jargon podcast sees Jimmy and me chatting about current comics, orphaned superheroes, Peanuts, favourite creators and characters, Martian Manhunter … and we find out what happens when one of us dares to express dislike for Lobo.

I’ve never been on a podcast before, so I’d like to thank Jimmy for being gentle.
You can listen to the podcast here.

9 thoughts on “Too Lobo for Heretical Jargon

  1. I'm listening to this as I write this very morning. Mentions of Edinburgh in the spring, references to the X-Men and Arthur's Seat; a splendid day to start the day which also manages to make me miss my home city very much. Splendid stuff.


  2. I just started listening to it as I was making breakfast… and imagine my surprise at being mentioned! Thanks, Mart — you're too kind.

    So far, it's a lot of fun listing to you both talk about what goes into your reviews. I'll be enjoying the rest of it on my way to get my own comics later this afternoon!


  3. Yeah — when he mentioned Lobo, and then you agreed with him, I was thinking “well, that was surprisingly civil.” Your teaser gave me the impression that you two might throw down over the bastich. But then — Hello? Hello?

    It was a great conversation — I was nodding along the whole time.


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