Podcast Plugtime times 2 – Bob and Bobb and Bob’s Your Uncle

One of the nicest things about doing a comics blog is that comics podcast folk occasionally throw out an invitation to join them for a chat. I’ve had two this month, one to talk about a Silver Age comic, the other to chat early Bronze Age. The shows in question are Checkered Past, in which lifelong comics fan Dr Bobb and burgeoning fanboy Dr Husband take a look at each of the 535 mid-Sixties DC Comics which bore the Go-Go Checks design; and The Brave and The Bob, in which Billy D-licious examines tales by comic book auteur Bill Haney, often featuring in Batman team-up book The Brave and the Bold

Dr Bobb and Dr Husband of the inimitable Checkered Past tempted me into their suburban lair with the promise of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #97 from 1967. This typically bonkers issue features two tales. ‘The Fortress Death-Trap!’ has Jimmy menaced in the Fortress of Solitude by a villain as powerful as Superman, while ‘His Highness, Prince Jimmy Olsen’ sees the red-headed reporter become the slave of a spoilt royal.

Hear the erudite, mellifluent marrieds give their take on the two adventures as I swoon admiringly by clicking on this link.

And click on this link to catch living library Billy and me talking the weirdness that is 1971’s Superboy #180. Here we have another book with a pair of stories. In ‘Prince of the Wolf Pack’ the Boy of Steel swaps Smallville hijinks to run with the big dogs. Then, in ‘Clark Kent, Madcap Millionaire’ our hero tries a rather different lifestyle choice. Only one story is by the Legendary Zany Haney but they’re equally mad.

If you do listen and would like to comment on either show, find the boys on Twitter at @gogocheckpod and Billy at @BiLLYd_licious. We had a great time talking about these old comic books and we’d love to get your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Plugtime times 2 – Bob and Bobb and Bob’s Your Uncle

  1. I just listened to The Brave & The Bob, and those two Superboy running-with-the-wolves covers have an even earlier antecedent: House of Mystery #1, from 1951! The central figure isn’t Superboy in this case, but it’s so close to the same cover. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Superboy wolf story came from someone seeing that cover and saying, hey, what can we do with THIS idea?

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