Christmas with the Super-Heroes… and Billy

A stocking stuffed with festive fun, that’s this 1988 DC giant. While the following year’s special was all-new, Christmas with the Super-Heroes #1 collects stories from the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics. The Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Batman, Superman and Santa Claus himself star in seasonal superheroics by some of the best creators in comics. Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Len Wein, Nick Cardy and some kid named Miller are just a few of the luminaries lighting up the pages.

Billy D_licious from All-Star Squadron podcast A World on Fire and sister show Star Rocket Radio – both hosted with fellow Earth 2 aficionado Herman – was kind enough to ask me onto his Magazines and Monsters podcast to chat about Christmas with the Super-Heroes #1. Give us a listen and let me know what you think here, or Billy at Twitter via @BiLLYd_licious. Click on this link to hear the show!

Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Christmas with the Super-Heroes… and Billy

  1. I am sure that the actual issue is filled with wonders, and despite that, I cannot imagine anything more charming than the back cover with all the boots hung up as Christmas stockings — and Dick, at least, visibly missing his little green boot on the front cover as a result.

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