Podcast plug-time – For All Mankind

For all mankind! That was the rallying call of the Super Friends, DC’s Justice League of America adapted for Saturday morning TV. Aquaman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman would meet in the Hall of Justice to train teen heroes Wendy & Marvin, and later Zan & Jayna, accompanied by power pets Wonder Dog and Gleek.

And the kids loved it! So much so that a tie-in comic was produced… a book that was even better than the TV cartoon that inspired it. As for what this terrific podcast’s host Rob Kelly thinks, tune in to hear him talk the 47-issue Super Friends run, mostly by the legendary creative team of writer E Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon.

Rob, co-founder of the Fire and Water Network, home to oodles of great comic and pop culture podcasts, welcomes fellow Super Friends fans to answer such questions as: who is the best Global Guardian? Who has the most awesome costume, Menagerie Man or The Conqueror? And most puzzling of all, why is Marvin suddenly bearable?

Plus, Super Friends Super Fan Chris Franklin talks tie-ins in regular feature For All Merchkind!

Aquaman! Robin! Wonder Woman! Batman! Superman! Five superstars, one five-star show… For All Mankind!

So why am I plugging this particular podcast right now, almost two years in? Because Rob has been kind enough to ask me on to talk Super Friends #20, a rare fill-in issue. Instead of regulars ENB and Fradon we have guest penciller Kurt Schaffenberger and writer Sergius O’Shaughnessy… who? Sergius was a pseudonym for a very well-known DC writer, and if you don’t know who, there’s a reason to tune in right there.

Just search For All Mankind on your favourite pod catcher, or click on this link. And if you feel like leaving a comment at the Fire and Water Network, please do join in the discussion.

Podcast, activate!

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