Climb ev’ry mountain with Defenders #101

It’s podcast time again, as Rob Kelly invites me to his lakeside holiday home to talk Defenders. The Fire and Water Network legend’s Mountain Comics show has a simple idea – he looks back at a book he bought while on vacation in the Poconos with his family as a kid.

And this time, the comic in question is Defenders #101, by JM DeMatteis, Don Perlin and Joe Sinnott, the epilogue to the non-team’s big 100th issue issue blowout with the devil himself. I’ll post a few pics below to give you the flavour of the issue and invite you to our wee chat.

Click on this highlighted link to find the show, and if you’d like to comment, you can leave your thoughts there too!

One thought on “Climb ev’ry mountain with Defenders #101

  1. This was a great era for the non-team and I enjoyed DeMatteis even though I now wish he had never scripted the book. It was his boredom, I read somewhere, that resulted in the New Defenders which he soon abandoned. I believe if they hadn’t gotten a totally nailed down roster (rather than the half nailed down version that worked for years) and that team including characters who would be needed for X-Factor, I believe Defenders could have survived to the modern age…


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