When We’re In Charge

I’m currently in Quebec, coming towards the end of a holiday. In a couple of days it’ll be Montreal, but last Thursday it was Boston, which happens to be the home of my pal Anj, who runs the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary blog. It’s also within driving distance of the home of Ryan Daly, the mastermind behind such great podcasts as Secret Origins and Midnight: The Podcasting Hour. Ryan also has an occasional show on the Fire and Water Network, When I’m In Charge, which sees Ryan and a guest engage in a spot of backseat editing, putting together together imaginary line-ups for the likes of Action Comics and Detective Comics. 

As Ryan, Anj and I were meeting for the first time and we didn’t fancy fighting over some misunderstanding, Ryan suggested recording an episode, basically just winging it. Here’s how it went!

Ryan would love to hear what you thought of our thoughts, and any ideas of your own for the comics we discuss, in the comments section. Me too!

And if you ever get a chance to hang out with Ryan and Anj, grab it, they’re lovely chaps. 

11 thoughts on “When We’re In Charge

  1. in my mind Jason an Cassandra would hit it off he could teach her some martial arts that have gone extinct or forgotten while Azrael an Etrigan would get along like a house on fire


  2. haven't u heard Nightwing is Bludhaven 4 life or globe trotting an have u seen Batgirl outside of Burnside? Eye haven't. plus with tge lack of Alfred The Tec team needs some Sarcastic Wit an who better than a thousand year old knight/wizard Jason Blood an the hellion Etrigan


  3. Garth Ennis on Bombshells? You're a devil. (I'd read the hell out of that, just the same.) I really dug that book for a while — it was the closest thing I could get to an All-Star Squadron fix — but like you, I kind of lost interest as I went along. I'd subscribed to the 99-cent half-issues on Comixology, but then was socked for a $5 fee for the print-first Annual. Which made me realized I hadn't read any issues for a few months, and I canceled my sub until I caught up. (Still haven't, unfortunately.)


  4. Mart, you're as clever, charming and insightful in audio as you are in print!

    I too would love a Supergirl based in college. Kara working in a glorified internship and for the DOE, that's no life to be had.


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