Long Distance #1-3 review

Once upon a time, superhero comic books were full of love. When not fighting crime, the likes of Hal Jordan and Tony Stark would be wooing the ladies, and the women would be giving them the runaround. Sometimes heroes and heroines would fall for the villains, adding even more tension to the mix. The romantic […]

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Midnighter #4 review

Fight clubs have become passé in the the Russia of the DC Universe. Now it’s all about vampire killing, as rich young guns hand over big wads of cash to spike a bloodsucker. The stakes aren’t high, though – these are vapid vamps, chained up to be easy meat. They’re the result of the raid […]

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The Omega Men #4 review

Four issues in and The Omega Men is proving to be perhaps DC’s most challenging title, and certainly one of its most rewarding. The story of a band of freedom fighters out to liberate the Vega space sector from the oppressive Citadel, it’s not into exposition dumps and big battles. The action is as much […]

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