Justice League United #10 review


With the threat of Infinitus over, Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes have just one small matter to tie up – the black hole Brainiac 5 created while trying to save the day. Now it threatens to not only pull the heroes in, but to absorb the entire world of Thanagar.

Brainy needs to come up with a plan, and fast. Which he does, and it’s a good one, utilising established elements of the storyline and the power of one Legionnaire in particular. The day is saved, but the drastic solution means there’s going to be challenges ahead for Hawkman’s world.

And then there’s time for an epilogue, as the League and Legion get to know one another better over several days. Equinox is surprised and delighted to learn she inspired 31st-century Amerindian Dawnstar. Alanna Strange asks Brainiac about her zeta beam problem. And the Legion’s super-scientist has a conversation with Supergirl…

A7205CF8-26A1-4357-A1A8-2F1F6AE847D0.jpeg… which probably makes no sense to anyone but old-time Legion fans who remember the doomed Kara/Brainy romance, but I can’t see the moment not intriguing newer readers. Hopefully it’ll help build demand for a new LSH series in which such questions can be explored. JLU writer Jeff Lemire is certainly the man I’d like to see handling it, given his obvious knowledge of, and liking for, Legion history. I know he has a lot on his plate right now, and DC hasn’t announced a new LSH series in their upcoming relaunch, but, like Nura Nal – who also gets a splendid little moment here – I can dream.

I half expected Dawnstar and Wildfire to stay behind with the JLU – the former is even seen hugging Saturn Girl as the time bubble is prepared for a return to the 31st century, it looks for all the world like a goodbye. But no, by the end of the issue they’re gone, and who could blame them? They’ve been stuck in the 21st century for quite awhile and are probably dying to see their homes again.

Little lobotomised Ultra the Multi-Alien, who features on Andrew Robinson’s unappealingly murky cover, goes back with the Legion, saddening Martian Manhunter, but it makes sense, future science and all that. Probably, Brainy will make him explode.

Penciller Neil Edwards completes his six-issue stint and the storyline will make a fine calling card. His storytelling nous, character work and facility with action scenes have helped make this arc sing. Talented inkers Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne do Edwards’ pencils proud, while Jeromy Cox adds extra focus and drama with his colour choices and letterer Travis Lanham keeps the volume up. My favourite visual moment this time is a toss-up between a splash showing a Legionnaire doing their thing to save Thanagar, and the arrival of Supergirl to help out Equinox and Stargirl.

E4C10E13-281E-4316-8F74-7523E3CB7617.jpegSpeaking of these three, pre-publicity for this series made it sound as if Kara wouldn’t get on with the other heroines, but Lemire shows the beginnings of a definite friendship. We also have nice moments for Green Arrow and Animal Man as the heroes decide to remain a Justice League team.

The Infinitus Saga has seen Lemire, Edward and co juggling a heck of a lot of balls, but they’ve not dropped any – simply produced a superbly entertaining story that’s showcased Justice League United as the premier league, and reminded us just what a great concept the Legion of Super-Heroes is. Bravo.

7 thoughts on “Justice League United #10 review

  1. I think Lemire is done with DC for a while… but thinking outside the box (and into the other box), it sounds like Jonathan Hickman is pulling back from Marvel for the time being — and he's often said that he's a HUGE Legion fan. So who knows? Maybe the Legion hasn't been announced yet so as to align with his schedule…?

    Ultimately, I think you liked this run a little more than I did; Lemire's superhero writing has still never quite clicked with me for some reason. But quibbles aside, man, it was good to see the Legion again!


  2. Such a great book with 2 great arcs that were tied together. Loved this Legion. Loved this Supergirl. Loved the Brainy moment. All good.

    So who is running this book in the future?


  3. I really wish I knew – I see Gnoah over at your place (Supergirl's Comic Box Commentary, if anyone doesn't know) mentions Paul Pelletier and Travel Foreman as artists, which is a great start.


  4. There was a Superboy backup that he wrote that I didn't care for that preceded his run. (IIRC, I thought the art on it was atrocious, so that probably colored my experience of his writing.) I'll keep an eye out for affordable copies of his run at the next con I go to, to see if I can give it a fair shake.


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