Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #19 review (DC Digital)

Pilot Angel Santiago, diverted from her regular duties in Afghanistan for a PR-friendly visit to a girls’ school, gets caught up in a Taliban attack with male colleagues. It’ll take a real heroine to get the soldiers home…

The latest Sensation Comics is a pacey, great-looking done-in-one from writer Amy Chu and artist Bernard Chang that offers a tad more realism than your average DC yarn. It’s a different kind of Wonder Woman story, and definitely deserves your dollar – or rather, 99 cents. Chu’s military unit feels authentic, the situation of the everyday Afghanis reflects what’s going on and Diana plays an interesting role.

And it’s great to see former Wonder Woman regular Chang back; I liked his work when he teamed with Gail Simone and he’s only grown in skill. He balances the naturalistic and fantastic superbly, and gives us a bigger picture than the 20 pages would otherwise afford by including tiny inset panels providing extra information around scenes. I can’t imagine a better artist for this issue. Wendy Broome’s colours and Saida Temofonte’s letters only add to a thoroughly satisfying tale.

Once more, editors Jessica Chen and Kristy Quinn have overseen a splendid offering from DC’s digital department – I wonder if they’ll give us something equally good next issue as a Christmas treat? 

3 thoughts on “Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #19 review (DC Digital)

  1. This has to be the most encouraging WW comic theres been for a very long time – the many faceted eras of WW are simply a joy to read, sometimes far more than the ongoing regular comic itself. I look forward to it every month. True bliss.


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