DC Digital – Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #10

Wonder Woman is big in Gateway City. Literally. She’s used the Atom’s size-changing technology to take on a giant monster.

But not just any monster – Byth, shape-changing enemy of Hawkwoman and Hawkman. The winged wonders are on hand alongside the Tiny Titan, but this is Wonder Woman’s show, because size isn’t everything – Amazonian strength is the key to taking down the extraterrestrial menace.

And when the war is over, what’s needed is Diana’s wisdom and compassion, making for an ending that’s logical while surprising, funny and entirely satisfactory.

Rob Williams writes a splendid one-off adventure with Attack of the 500ft Wonder Woman, giving us a story that stars the Amazing Amazon while being a mini-JLA adventure. His Diana is the pre-Flashpoint version, living in Gateway City while carrying Themyscira in her heart and channelling the power of truth in a brilliant new way that is pure Wonder Woman.

Visually, this is the pre-Crisis Wonder Woman, even before the eagle flew from Diana’s chest to be replaced by the crass double-W bustier. It’s a joy to see the Silver Age costume once again, but heavens, Diana is having a bad hair – do something about that fringe, girl! The art is by Tom Lyle, best-known for his runs on Robin and Starman, and I’m delighted to see him back on a DC product. The finish is different to how I recall Lyle’s work looking, doubtless down to him working without an inker here, but it looks pretty good. There’s a real vibrancy, an energy to the pages, and I hope DC grabs Lyle for more work soon. Heck, if DC plans to follow their Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman digital series with a Justice League book, Lyle should be tapped for that – at the very least, he draws an amazing Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

My only problem with the art is that the first page could be clearer – the story turns, in part, on something Diana saw as a young warrior on Themyscira. All the way through I was waiting for the reveal as to what it was. Turns out, it was right there, in our face, but the composition makes it look as if Diana’s looking beyond it. Or is it just me?

Colourist Wendy Broome’s ability to convey light sources is a big plus in a day-set book featuring massive opponents, while Saida Temofonte’s lettering is sharp and effective.

I’m not sure if there’s a policy of one story each so far as Sensation Comics goes, but I do hope not; I’d really like to see Williams, Lyle and co back for a longer adventure featuring Wonder Woman.

But fix the hair first…

9 thoughts on “DC Digital – Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #10

  1. I think the finish on the art might be a deliberate attempt to channel George Perez, as this series has so far been pretty unashamed about plundering WW's glory days.


  2. I must agree about the hair, that was odd – but this issue especially resonated for me because of one thing – the Hawks. I just adore them and definitely they had that pre-cirisis vibe fir me here.


  3. I agree with most, if not all, of your review. I've been so put off by the Azarello run that I stopped buying it.
    Do you have advance copies for review? You're reviewing #10, and #3 hasn't hit the stands yet!


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