New Suicide Squad #1 review

A new chapter in the Suicide Squad story begins with a new number one. Events segue so smoothly from the last issue of the previous run that if you didn’t see the cover copy, you’d not notice. Still, if it helps sales and gets attention on the work of new creative team Sean Ryan and […]

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Superboy #33 review

Apparently tasked with closing out this Superboy run by cleaning up the mess made by following a rotten concept (Superboy as conflicted living weapon) with a worse one (a replacement Superboy who’s an out and out killer), Aaron Kuder has fun. In short, killer Superboy Jon has been confronted by conflicted Superboy Kon at NOWHERE, […]

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Grayson #1 review

Dick Grayson is on his first mission as Spyral’s Agent 37. Teamed with veteran Helena Bertinelli, he’s tasked with kidnapping a mule hosting a super-bomb from the Trans-Siberian Express. Dick’s acrobatic, stealth and fighting skills come in handy, but he finally resorts to Spyral’s ‘hypno’ techniques in a bid to succeed.After the horror that was […]

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Action Comics #33 review

Accepting his self-imposed exile, Superman is in the far reaches of space, smashing asteroids. He’s trying to burn the Doomsday virus from his system, but it’s only getting stronger. Back on Earth, Steel and Lana Lang blast off in a spaceship designed by the hammer-holding hero, determined to help their friend. Red Lantern Supergirl has […]

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