DC Comics – The Now 52!

We knew DC were bringing back the 3D covers this September, but I have to say, now that more details of the annual gimmick ‘celebrating’ 2011’s arrival of the New 52 have landed, I’m left scratching my head. It’s The Now 52.

Every series is going to leap ahead to its 52nd issue, showing us what the title will be like in a few years time, with a few new series spinning out of the stunt. Promised highlights include:

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time …

  • Detective Comics spinning off a new take on the Brave and the Bold in which Batman teams up each month with a different version of Batman.
  • A Suicide Squad in which every member is fat – except Amanda Waller.
  • The debut of the 11th Robin, aka Mini-Bat, son of Kirk and Francine Langstrom.
  • Justice League Associated, a rebranded version of the Power Company.
    • Wonder Woman taking on the mantle of man-hating Hecate, gathering up all the lost Amazon boy-children and castrating them – only to meet their defender, Donna Troy aka Boia.
    • Dan Didio and Keith Giffen bringing back Jack Kirby’s Dingbats of Danger Street as the secret masters of the DC Universe.
    • A rehabilitated Guardians of the Universe returning to revamp the Green Lantern Corps, going mad, destroying the Green Lantern Corps and eloping with the Manhunter androids to Earth C, never to be seen again for at least six months.
    • Barry Allen discovering that his mother, Norah, killed herself in order to frame his father Henry. After strangling Barry’s pet turtle, Whatzit.
    • Superman swapping his armoured costume for a Kryptonian tank, the Superbmobile, because ‘you can never be invulnerable enough’.
    • A Supergirl who’s happy and gets on with people.
    I think they’re kidding us with that last one …

    One or two of these ideas sounds interesting, and I did like a few of the lenticular covers last year. But I cannot get behind DC charging the price they expect the actual 52nd issues would cost – $6.99. That’s taking the gag too far.

    18 thoughts on “DC Comics – The Now 52!

    1. Heard of this some time back. And needless to say im not impressed by this latest DC cunning stunt. Until we get a WW we can recognise and a LSH return I won't even be remotely interested.


    2. Martin, I like how you have changed the format of the blog to report what DC are most likely to do in the coming year – except for Affable Supergirl and Typical American Sized Amanda Waller, which you have clearly included as April Fool jokes.


    3. are you serious a super girl whose happy just kidding but are you serious about everything else cause that is insane and ridiculous and not in a fun comic book ridiculous


    4. Ha! You almost got me there Martin. Please don't give DC/Didio any ideas. Please no!
      But i'd actually like to see a new Brave and the Bold Team-up with different versions of batman. And that Man-Hating WW sounds like it's right up our mutual buddy Karl Disley's alley;)


    5. I see you've changed very little since your Manchester days Mr. Gray. Hope life's treating you well – ex-FP Alan.(mathewpathew@gmail.com)


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