Superman Family Adventures #2 review

Is it wrong that my favourite depiction of Superman currently being published by DC is in a kids’ book? I love Art Baltazar’s clean, square-jawed version of the hero – even in the new costume, he looks good.

There’s another super-guy in this issue, but he’s less friendly looking – Bizarro, backwards-speaking brute from an opposite-Earth. Here he menaces Jimmy Olsen and the citizens of Metropolis, before Supergirl tames him. He’s soon causing trouble again, though, as he rampages around the Fortress of Solitude: freeing animals from Superman’s alien zoo, leering at the ‘widdle people’ of Kandor, scattering Kryptonite samples and generally disturbing the Tiny Titans’ TV night. Watching Supergirl and Superboy clean up after him is a hoot.

Where last month’s issue contained a full-length story, this issue follows Art and co-writer Franco’s Tiny Titans formula of splitting the action into shorter strips; the decision pays off, making each vignette seem more special, and allowing a side story with super-pets Streaky and Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse.

This issue also sees Jimmy given a gift by Superman, Jor-El the hologram show off his new suit and Jimmy’s pals introduced.

TV transplant Cloe (wot, no ‘H’?) is rather the colourful dresser – methinks Jimmy Olsen is going to be having suspicions very soon.

All in all, this is another colourful romp from the first page – which echoes last issue’s opening – to the feature section which closes the comic. Art and Franco gleefully embrace the Silver Age of Superman in a way that will hopefully appeal to today’s children as much as it appeals to me.

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