52 – 6 +6 = The Newer 52

We all saw it coming and here it is – the first cull of titles which debuted as part of September 2011’s revamp of the DC Comics line. After their eighth issues, the following series will be no more: Men of War, Mr Terrific, Static Shock, Blackhawks, Hawk & Dove and OMAC. I can’t say […]

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Batgirl #5 review

I love a mystery and there’s a fine one here – how can the number 338 cause a mobster to murder his three loyal sons and try to kill himself? How is knife-happy strongwoman Gretel connected? And why does her hair switch from green to pink? Batgirl is less keen on the intrigue, she just […]

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X-Men Legacy #260.1 review

‘We didn’t get to be kids. But we’re gonna make damn sure they do.’ That’s Rogue, sharing her mission statement now she’s resident at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.  Listed as ‘senior staff member’, she may not have a specific role, but if this issue is anything to go by she’s set to be the […]

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Batwoman #5 review

Now if that isn’t the spookiest cover you’ll see this week, courtesy of JH Williams III … A spot of meditation helps Batwoman – ‘proud lesbian’ Kate Kane, as the page one legend so subtly puts it – realise how to stop the water spirit who’s been stealing Gotham children. She confronts the ghost, Maria, […]

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The Shade #4 review

You may recognise the old dear on Tony Harris’s witty cover (‘Stygian Darkness’ indeed!) as one of the most … singular … characters of the Golden Age. If you don’t, I’ll leave the details to come as a surprise when you read this comic. Because it’s not one to pass up. The Shade #4 is […]

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Death Curse #1 review

Horror hosts Mr Latch and the Curse offer a quintet of unsettling tales in the first issue of this adults-only new book from writers Brockton McKinney & Bo Fader and their artistic chums. Our fictional storytellers are a creepy guy with a pudding bowl haircut and a puppet baby who looks as if he’d eat […]

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Secret Avengers #20 review

Now here’s a real time twister. Black Widow stars in a done-in-one story that spans seconds, weeks and decades, depending on your perspective. Natasha Romanov’s perspective is that she’s going to undo the killings of Steve Rogers, War Machine and Sharon Carter after an assault on the Shadow Council goes wrong. The obvious thing to […]

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Hawk and Dove #5 review

HAWK!DOVE!DONE! I think this will be my last issue. A big part of my jumping on this book, when it debuted as part of DC’s New 52 promotion, was the presence of Sterling Gates as writer. His Supergirl work showed a huge talent for story, plotting, action and characterisation. Interviews and the first couple of […]

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Thunderbolts #168 review

Luke Cage doesn’t just take the cover, he takes the spotlight this issue, complete with Bronze Age splash page legend (‘Carl Lucas was a felon going nowhere …’). The Thunderbolts director is busy rounding up pesky escapees from supervillain prison The Raft. Colleagues Songbird and Mach V, meanwhile, are confronted by the even more annoying […]

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