Arak, Son of Tom


Hanging around Twitter this week, I was intrigued to see comic artist Tom Raney ask if anyone had any ideas for a character he could sketch for fun. I suggested an old favourite of mine who’s not appeared in DC Comics, if memory serves, since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Eighties – Arak, Son of Thunder. I was also keen to see how Tom, whom I know from such superhero work as Avengers Academy, would handle a sword and sorcery character.

Rather brilliantly, as it turns out. Thank you Mr Raney! Anyone want to join me in suggesting a DC New 52 Arak comeback?

See more of Tom’s personal art at Deviant Art.

4 thoughts on “Arak, Son of Tom

  1. I believe Arak showed up briefly in a flashback sequence in Young All-Stars post-COIE. One of the main characters, Flying Fox, was a descendant of Arak if I remember correctly.


  2. That is sharp. I only came to DC after Infinite Crisis, so I'd never heard of Arak. I will say this: if Raney were to ever draw a book with this guy, I'd certainly check it out.


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