Legion Lost #3 review

Good Lord, what a horrible creature on that cover. It’s Dan DiDio in an OMAC tee shirt! Kidding … well, not about DC’s co-publisher, there he indeed is, just above the barcode. But I mean the monster Timber Wolf’s fighting. It’s one of the alien/human hybrids created by the Hypertaxis Plague released by 31st-century terrorist […]

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Marvel Point One #1 review

Every three years Uatu, Earth’s Watcher, takes a break. For 42 minutes he uploads memories to the Watcher Collective, leaving the 616 Universe occupied by Marvel’s heroes unobserved. This provides the opportunity for dodgy scientists to sneak around the Blue Area of the moon and look into the ‘wall of memories’, portals into other universes […]

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Wonder Woman and origin(al) sin

Every day, people come up to me on the street and ask the same question: ‘I know Superman came to Earth in a rocketship and Batman saw his parents shot, but what’s the origin of Wonder Woman?’ In the past, I’ve explained that she was a clay baby given life by the gods after her […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #673 review

Manhattan’s tenure as Spider Island is over. Having been given Spider-Man’s abilities, then transformed into giant arachnids, virtually the entire population is waking up after the cure with a fuzzy memory … and a distinct lack of clothing (click on image to enlarge). So there’s no better name for this epilogue than The Naked City. […]

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Action Comics #3 review

Three months into the Superman relaunch and we get our first look at Krypton, as Jor-El warns Lara to get out of Kandor just in time for her to see it stolen by, presumably, Brainiac. A quarter of a century later, on Earth, Clark Kent dreams of the catastrophe, witnessed by him as a babe-in-arms. […]

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Avengers Academy #21 review

It’s a new term at Avengers Academy. The Fear Itself crisis saw their interdimensional headquarters, Infinite Avengers Mansion, destroyed. One student, Veil, quit after feeling forced to kill in battle. Teachers Speedball and Justice resigned to go on a road trip. Relocating the Academy to the old Avengers West Coast Compound, headmaster Giant Man takes […]

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Uncanny X-Men #1 review

Utopia leader Cyclops gathers his lieutenants and announces his latest notion – the Extinction Team. They’ll protect mutants and humans alike, and their world-saving displays of power will hopefully deter humans from victimising mutants. His thinking is that as non-mutants fear the X-Men without any show of force against them, they may as well amp […]

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