Grodd of War #1 review

As Aquaman holds forth over continental Europe, and Wonder Woman bestrides the UK, Super-Gorilla Grodd rules over the entire continent of Africa. But, as the witty opening to this story makes clear, while the rest of the world cowers from Atlanteans and Amazons, few people even know his name.   Clever as the opening is, […]

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Tiny Titans #41 review

The super-speedster Titans decide to have a race, five times round the world, losers buy the lemonade. Blue Beetle is all set to make some moolah with his lemonade stand, but some stupid alien backpack has forgotten to pack the fruit. Raven makes sure she’s out of the way of the ‘Flash mob’. And Wonder […]

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Batgirl #22 review

In which Batgirl jets off to jolly old London town and teams up with Squire, greatest heroine of the United Kingdom. Steph has been sent across the Atlantic on Batman Inc business, but she doesn’t meet him until the final page of this issue, as she and Squire have places to go, things to do, […]

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Legion of Doom #1 review

The Legion of Doom is a name that warms the cockles of a generation, the fans who followed Luthor, Sinestro and their dastardly acquaintances on the Challenge of the Super Friends cartoons. Me, not so much – I don’t think those shows ever reached British TV.  Still, the high quality of Flashpoint tie-ins to date […]

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Supergirl #65 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. Lois Lane is chatting to a bagel-barmy teenager on the tram when robotic flying monkeys attack. Supergirl and Starman swoop in to save the day, but not before the critters’ young target, Charlize, has gone from hysterical to gibbering wreck to comatose. Before you know it, Supergirl is undercover as Linda […]

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Booster Gold #45 review

Booster’s in trouble. Stranded in an altered world, with no friends, facing the beast that once maimed him … it’s not good. But he manages to escape Doomsday, and save an innocent bystander. As it turns out, the bystander is his first heroic ally in the world of Flashpoint, though the hero doesn’t learn this […]

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