Wonder Woman #607 review

Talk about most improved comic. Wonder Woman this month continues the Morrigan’s campaign to turn – or kill – Diana, with the threat of the minotaur unleashed. It details the assault of Artemis, Giganta and Cheetah on the Amazons’ supposed safehouse. And it has Diana teach her sisters the true meaning of being an Amazon.

Along the way there are surprises I won’t spoil, but I will say how happy I am to see a full-on demonstration of Diana’s compassion. There’s also the revelation of the magic lasso’s abilities, a fabulous moment for the stone lions and further hints to Diana that the world she knows may not be the world she was born to.

The action rarely stops in Phil Hester’s script (based on a storyline by J Michael Straczynski) beginning with a battle against animated skeletons and ending with a furious flight from a fearsome feline. But there’s room for Diana’s developing character, both in her interaction with her sisters, the boy Harry and the misguided Minotaur, and in a narration that’s poetic without being over the top. The Odyssey storyline is moving along at a fine rattle now, with each instalment a satisfying read.

Thanks to editors Brian Cunningham and Sean Ryan for restoring specific credits, letting us know which pages were pencilled by Don Kramer and which by Eduardo Pansica. I’d prefer a single inker to pull things together – in this case, Andy Owens, Eber Ferreira and Sean Parsons pitch in, all to good effect – but the colours of Alex Sinclair do help. It’s a typically intelligent display from Sinclair, who never forgets to indicate light sources. It sounds like a little thing, but directed tones really do add to a scene – take the enticing cover above, drawn by Kramer, as an example. Travis Lanham letters, having special fun with the stone lions’ speech. 

Congratulations to the Wonder Woman office for turning this comic around and making it a book I look forward to once more. I never saw that coming. That’s not to say I ain’t itching to get back to regular continuity, and seeing what Hester can do there, but at least I’m not depressed anymore!

6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman #607 review

  1. It's light years better than it was a few issues ago, but it still feels like an ill-conceived mess to me. I hope Hester gets the opportunity to tell his own stories soon…


  2. A very good read, indeed. I particularly love the almost poetic sophistry of Dianas inner voice in the opening violent scenes.
    The best issue of this uneven run so far.


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