Batman Confidential #36 review

Last month the Flash teamed with the Blackhawks in a Second World War adventure in The Brave and the Bold, now Batman encounters the legacy of the flying aces in the present day. ‘Blackhawk Down’ sees short-term member Ted Gaynor, supposedly long-dead, show up young, vital and deadly at Blackhawk Propulsion Laboratories. Customer Bruce Wayne is there so Gaynor suffers a few lumps from Batman before escaping. The trail leads to Poland, where things get a little crazy and Batman gets help from my very favourite Blackhawk . . .

This is a fun comic. McGraw confidently lays down the story, not forgetting to leave room for a wry Alfred moment, while Marcos Marz and Luciana Del Negro turn in a gorgeous art job that stays just the right side of photo-realistic. The scene in a Polish graveyard is the standout, with the team displaying a mastery of light and shade. He might have made more of the moment we first see the ‘dark Blackhawks’ but overall this is a lovely piece of work, thanks also to the dramatic colours of David Baron.

I’ll be back next issue to see the story continue – and learn who the mastermind is on the final page. I think I’m supposed to recognise him . . .

One thought on “Batman Confidential #36 review

  1. How many parts is this story? I haven't been bowled over by McGraw before, but I am digging Batman Confidential these days. The Milligan/Clark story that just closed was entertaining.


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