Amazing Spider-Man 582 review

Spidey battles Molten Man for the life of Harry Osborn as the latter’s estranged wife Liz tries to get their frankly vile little boy, Normie, to safety. Me, I’d throw him at his Uncle Mark’s lava-dripping arse.

Unusually since the dawn of Brand New Day, this is a single setting issue, with no subplots. But the fight is a joy, with writer Dan Slott reminding us that Peter has brains as well as brawn and the psychic senses of some fictional spider. Plus, we see that Harry, too, still possesses the same smarts he once did, and that Liz is a spunky chick. God knows how they gave birth to the brat Normie.

Mike McKone, Andy Lanning and Kris Justice do a bang-up job on the pencils and inks, while Jeromy Cox and Corey Petit provide the yummy colours and gorgeous letters.

Yes, I’m in a fluffy bunnies positive mood and you know why? Because of the final scene with Peter and Harry acting, for the first time in several decades and God knows how many realities, like the best buds they’re meant to be. OK, there is the little matter of Peter not reminding Harry he’s Spider-Man, but that never ends well.

Instead we have a delightful page of dialogue which is as good to look at as it is to read, thanks to McKone pulling back the ‘camera’ to lend the feel of a really good sitcom. And Harry works out Peter’s secret (click to enlarge): Brilliant stuff!

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