Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade 1

Here’s the Maid of Might younger than we’ve ever seen her – think Mite of Might -in a new series from the Johnny DC line. That’s what DC call all-ages and most of us think of as kiddie. I haven’t a kiddie here to review it, so let’s see if I can enjoy it in an all-ages way.

The art by Eric Jones is pretty appealing, once you get past the massive-headed Kara on the cover. Mind, there’s no denying this will catch the eye of the young ‘uns. I’m not sure how many boys will try it, though – yes, it has a little Superman in the corner, but that logo is sooooo very girlie.

Inside we see Kara stranded on Earth from her home on Argo City after she mounts a mini-rebellion against her folks. Her meetings with Metropolitans are amusing, and Superman is immediately welcoming. To a point – taking a cue from his Silver Age self, Supie decides Kara will be his secret weapon. But does he take her in, this scared, confused kid? Does he heck, by the end of the issue Kara’s living in a Girl’s Dormitory. Private school? An orphanage? I don’t know, but will today’s kids be as forgiving of a neglectful Superman as readers were back then?

Writer Landry Q Walker provides some cute scenes showing Kara having a tough time in class, and a subplot which sees her power fade (I don’t trust that gym coach!) in a light, bright, good-looking read that doesn’t talk down to readers.

The character design isn’t bad – Supergirl wears a version of her original costume, but the blue tights under the red dress just don’t work (I tried it myself prior to writing this review). Still, Kara’s a spunky wee soul and if the quality keeps up this book could last awhile. I’ll certainly be back.

So, when does Kara get a super-cat?

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